ArtFlow 2

ArtFlow 2.0 is here! After (a bit too) long development period we are (finally) proud to present new version. There are a lot of changes both in user interface and underlying painting and layer engine. Notable new features include:

  • New, material design inspired UI, with new workflow
  • sRGB support
  • Selection and selection mask (selection tools include lasso and magic wand)
  • New brush engine with multiple new features
    • Universal brush support: each drawing tools uses brushes
    • Non-incremental flow
    • 64-bit smudge engine
    • Per-brush blend mode
  • New transformation with deform support
  • Canvas rotation
  • Device orientation support (portrait/landscape)
  • Focal guide

ArtFlow 2.0 is faster and support more layer (up to 16 4K layers on some devices), what’s more important we have a bunch of new features queued and with this massive rewrite out of way we hope to release them in regular intervals (there are two items already in development brush editor and gradient/pattern fill tools).