Better gallery

device-2014-06-12-174844Version v1.5.65 brings refined label based gallery management as well as tons of stability fixes (notably better memory management which smooths things when working on very large projects).


Phone UI

We proudly present ArtFlow v1.5, first phone compatible release. We designed special interface for small factor devices that is compact but accessible and offers the same features as tablet counterpart.


A lot of small changes…

…that sums up to big release. We started rollout of ArtFlow v1.4.9, this version contains a lot of under the hood changes:

  • New stroke blending – no more artifacts with low opacity or low flow brushes (and thus much smoother and better looking airbrushes)
  • Hires canvas optimization – large images are now much faster and available on wider range of devices (including Nexus 7 2013)
  • Memory management optimization – which means more layer (eg. Nexus 10 supports now 3 layers in 4K)
  • Tons of small (but useful) UI changes (fine-tune controls, left handed UI, new shortcuts and more).

This is staged release meaning that only subset of user will receive it initially (we want to make sure that this new version is rock solid on wide range of available devices and this is the best way to assure high quality).


ArtFlow meet KitKat

ArtFlow v1.3.110 is live in Play store (Amazon pending). This version brings support of Android 4.4 (KitKat) features – immersive mode (fullscreen) and new document import framework. This version also contains important fixes for images export (critical for 4K canvas export) and reduced memory usage.


ArtFlow is multilingual

We’ve just published v1.3.76 with Spanish and German localization. Many thanks to David Mingorance and Stefan Fuchs for their help.


ArtFlow is now even faster!

New update v1.3.59 is available in Google Play and Amazon Appstore. While there are few user facing features (like new shortcuts configuration and better PSD export) the big change is under a hood: new history (undo) queue code. It’s faster, requires less memory and thanks to this we could enable 4K (4096×4096) canvas on capable devices (currently Nexus 10, Note 10.1 2014, Tegra 4 devices, Fire HDX).


Alpha lock and new brushes

New release v1.3.22 is available in Play store (Amazon pending review). This version brings layer alpha channel lock, brush engine enhancements (and new brushes using them – crayons, pastels, tube, if anyone counting ArtFlow now has 70+ different tools). There is bunch of smaller UI additions (eraser dynamics, pivot control for transformations) and as always number of fixes.


Symmetry and more

Version v1.2.11 is available in Play Store (Amazon pending review), this version bring configurable symmetry tool (you can freely setup symmetry axis) and geometrical shape tools (line, rectangle, oval). There are also some other small tweaks (use hardware key to undo/redo) and as always bunch of bugfixes.


Palm rejection

We’ve just published ArtFlow v1.1.12 – this version contains lots of bugfixes and palm rejection.

Few important notes about palm rejection: it relies on data provided by device and this data varies widely between devices. It was mainly designed for devices with active digitizer (Note, ThinkPad) but works with touch only input (Nexus 7).
Still on some devices (eg. Transformer series has built in palm rejection, Nexus 10 filters palm touches and returns them as normal touch points) it doesn’t work, in some cases enabling palm rejection on touch only device could lead to filtering out all touches (I don’t know any device that behaves that way but with almost 500 of them I really cannot be certain) – there is safe mode for this, holding back key will disable palm rejection.