Symmetry and more

Screenshot_2013-08-13-07-59-14Version v1.2.11 is available in Play Store (Amazon pending review), this version bring configurable symmetry tool (you can freely setup symmetry axis) and geometrical shape tools (line, rectangle, oval). There are also some other small tweaks (use hardware key to undo/redo) and as always bunch of bugfixes.

Palm rejection

We’ve just published ArtFlow v1.1.12 – this version contains lots of bugfixes and palm rejection.

Few important notes about palm rejection: it relies on data provided by device and this data varies widely between devices. It was mainly designed for devices with active digitizer (Note, ThinkPad) but works with touch only input (Nexus 7).
Still on some devices (eg. Transformer series has built in palm rejection, Nexus 10 filters palm touches and returns them as normal touch points) it doesn’t work, in some cases enabling palm rejection on touch only device could lead to filtering out all touches (I don’t know any device that behaves that way but with almost 500 of them I really cannot be certain) – there is safe mode for this, holding back key will disable palm rejection.

Hires canvas

ArtFlow v1.1.4 is live in Play store (and pending review in Amazon). Main feature is of course hires canvas support, depending on device max size is 2048×2048 or 2560×2560.

Almost there…


After over 8 months of coding (and hacking – I’m looking at you Samsung), with today build of ArtFlow v1.0.90 we hit important milestone: RC1 (that is release candidate one !). If final testing phase go well ArtFlow’ll be released after I/O (around May 20th), so stay tuned.

New beta is available

Version v1.0.45 is available and can be downloaded from here. Notable changes:

  • New and enhanced paint brush control (with frequently requested quick access to dynamic/pressure controls)
  • Better canvas background color UI
  • Myriad of UI related bug fixes and optimization
  • Better UI on lores devices (1024×600)
  • New palette browser with brand new presets

Beta is here!

Limited public beta of ArtFlow is here!

Be aware that this is early beta and while underlying engine is feature complete, application itself is still in active development (this include changes in UI). Due to heavy reliance on underlying hardware (GPU to be precise) there may be (and probably will be) compatibility issues on some devices.
This is tablet only app, it’s possible to install it manually on phone but UI will not scale correctly  (if application proves popular we will of course release phone version with optimized UI).

This release was extensively tested on devices with Tegra CPU (which currently constitute majority of mainstream tablets) and on Galaxy Note 10.1 (Exynos CPU, there are still known compatibility issues – smudge tool doesn’t work well on this CPU, we are working on it, on S4 Plus/Pro CPU application currently crashes upon startup, we are working on it as well). Digitizer stylus is supported on Note and ThinkPad Tablet.

Objectives of this beta are threefold:

  1. Stability and other bugs – this is self explaining, this release has error reporting build in, in case of crash report form will be launched allowing user to send feedback and collected crash details
  2.  UI evaluation – as I mention we are actively works on UI, so feedback and general criticism/ideas are welcome
  3. Compatibility – due to heavy reliance on GPU there will be compatibility problems (due to differences between graphics processors), we would like to know if there are some problems on given device (so we may buy one and fix it, we’ll of course prioritize this base on device popularity).

In case of any problems or question drop us a mail at